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As a creative business owner there is no doubt you want your Facebook Fan Page to draw fans in and keep them there.  You also want your images to match your brand and at the same time be crisp and clear.

This article will help you get creative with your new Facebook timeline layout.  You will find exact dimensions to all the necessary pictures, examples of awesome fan pages!

To start things off you should know what are the correct measurements for all the photos you can upload.  Following these measurements will insure that your pictures stay crisp and clear once they are uploaded to Facebook.


image size


There is no better way to get inspired to make an awesome fan page then by checking out other cool designs.

Here are some examples from the handmade/ design world… enjoy!

1. On the Handmadeology fan page we are featuring new fans each week.  You can get your Etsy items featured by clicking the cover photo, liking and sharing the photo, and leaving your Etsy shop link. This helps stimulate fan interaction and greatly increases our reach on Facebook.

creative fan page designs


2. Nature Junkie

kitchen cover


3.  The Spanish Tin 



4.  Elle Paisley Designs

ele cover


5. ChariTs.Inspirational.Creations

chart cover


6. Flourish and Thrive Academy 

flour cover


When you are designing your timeline cover, profile pic and even your custom app pics, it can be a pain and time consuming.   You can even spend a ton of money paying designers to design graphics for you.

We have the perfect solution for you!!

cover macs



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